Everyday kids are growing, playing, and just being kids!

This means they are wearing out and growing out of their shoes. Gaylord-Hansen Shoes Organization has a goal of putting 1,000,000 shoes on San Diego School Kids! Join us so we can reach our HUGE Goal for San Diego!

Gaylord Hansen Shoes 2012 Event

“We want to give back to the community for all the support the community has given to us. As a kid, I always loved to get a new pair of sneakers. I always felt I could run faster and jump higher when I got my new shoes. When we heard about the HUGE need for so many kids in the San Diego Unified School District, we knew we had to help. Providing new and used shoes is a simple way we can give back.

My absolute favorite day of the year is going to the New Shoe Event and seeing the kids have a blast picking out new shoes. I can’t wait to do it again next year!!”

- Bill Gaylord

There are 15,870 homeless school children

According to the San Diego County Education, there are 15,870 homeless school children in Grades K-12 in the Greater San Diego area. By providing school kids with the basic needs of footwear, both NEW and USED, we know it will help give the kids confidence and the opportunity to succeed in school.

What Can You Do?

Help Us Reach Our Goal! We need your help! We want to provide kids with the self-confidence they deserve. Give kids in need the opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of getting new shoes as they grow and wear out their old shoes.

Your Donation Counts!

Whether it is a pair of new or used shoes, a financial contribution, or volunteering your time at one of our events, your donation is appreciated!

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Each Donation Matters!

$30 1 Pair of New Shoes
$150 5 Pairs of New Shoes
$300 10 Pairs of New Shoes
$750 25 Pairs of New Shoes
$1,500 50 Pairs of New Shoes
$3,000 100 Pairs of New Shoes
$7,500 250 Pairs of New Shoes
$15,000 500 Pairs of New Shoes
$30,000 1,000 Pairs of New Shoes